Early Childhood Collaboration Data 101

One of the areas that collaborations request training and technical assistance in again and again is data. Collaborations know that data is important but may not know how to go about making data-informed decisions that can strengthen and deepen the impact of their work with children and families. These on-demand modules provide information, activities, and resources that will help collaborations do their work more effectively which will ultimately improve outcomes for children and families in Illinois.

Module 1 provides an overview on the goals for the course and the data cycle. Module 2 helps collaborations assess community needs and narrow their focus on what data to collect, analyze, and communicate. Module 3 examines different data collection methods and how to maintain confidentiality and data security. Module 4 explores how to analyze data to extract meaning and draw data-informed conclusions that can influence and support decision-making. Module 5 is on communicating a data story in a way that conveys meaning and drives action. Module 6 completes the course by building understanding on why and how to create a data-informed culture.

While the course is designed for the modules to be followed sequentially, if certain topics are more pressing or interesting to explore, they can be completed out of order. Modules can be accessed at any time. A certificate of completion will be generated for individuals who complete all six modules as well as a survey. We have partnered with The Center: Resources for Teaching and Learning to offer ISBE Professional Development Hours (PDH) and with INCCRRA to offer this as a Gateways approved training. 


5 Questions
5 Questions Before you start, we want to get a sense of how you feel about working with data and what you know about some of the topics that will be covered in the course.
Begin self-paced component package.
Begin self-paced component package.
Course Evaluation
11 Questions
11 Questions We want to know if how you felt about data and what you knew about data entering the course has changed. In addition, we would like to hear about your experience taking the course and how your experience could be improved.
Up to 6.00 credits available  |  Certificate available
Up to 6.00 credits available  |  Certificate available